Sex Embrace It


Sex is a very important part of our adult life. Sex is a natural function of our body. However, sex is
often taboo because of its association with vice, dirtiness, emotional and psychological issues.
Sex is a huge topic. Today, I want to address what a lot of women and men alike think about their
performance. Many women enter their adult life with some knowledge about sex. Their knowledge
comes from their mother, their friends, readings, movies, also their experience. But many women have never talked (read) to professionals, those with the accurate answers.

The result is a lot of misconceived ideas leading to outright poor self-esteem and fear. Since men
develop similar style of taboo or misconceptions, miscommunication or even lack thereof create issues in the bedroom. Too often, it ends up in a poor sexual life and unhappiness.

I stumbled, once, upon a site that I would like to share with you “A woman’s touch”. This site provides clinical articles, questions and answers with sexual counselors, references and much more about sex.

It is a first step for men and women to clear up their air, understand, share and eventually change outlook on sex if needed be.