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We are in October and Thanksgiving is around the corner, Christmas not that far away. Whether we are making invitations or we are hoping (or not) to be invited, we are bound to be aware of the feeling of solitude. Let’s take a look at loneliness triggers.
We are sure not to forget old uncle Bob who is alone now after loosing his wife to a long drawn disease. We include our new found friend who just happen to be single and a little shy. Holiday vacations seem to awaken in us, at times, social awkwardness, loneliness, despair and depression.
It happens to all of us, even to those who do not live alone! Talking about it makes us feel a little less lonely. However, a good way to deal with it constructively is to first accept the feeling and then to evaluate it. Is it really that bad? Are we making generalizations? Is there anything positive to enjoy?
It is important to understand what precipitates our depressed moods. Finding the triggers to our feelings of loneliness help us often to de-dramatize. Once our galloping emotions are a bit more under control, we must remember to focus on the enjoyable: food, music, people to go toward and talk to or smile to. Yes, smiling can go a long way and boost our emotions. Just try it! See me below.. boosting my emotions.. just with a simple smile!