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Today, I will follow-up on my last post about solitude. It is an important topic. Much too often, because it’s taboo to talk about our isolation and depression, we end up rejecting it and internalize it and thus increasing the self-destructive effect of our solitude.

Just as for about any other emotion or character traits, solitude has its negative impact and its positive effects. The positive effect of solitude is that when we accept it and embrace it, we can use it to practice a deep introspection that facilitates self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the essential step toward the ability to validate ourselves through achievements, the ability to explore our limits and also to open ourselves up to the people and to the world around us.

Introspection can be practiced at home of course but also at work, on the beach, or in any other situation where it is possible to isolate yourself for 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes is all it takes to regenerate yourself in the busy life you’re trying to maintain whoever you are and whatever you do. Fifteen minutes of internal peace will allow you to tackle the remaining of the day with efficiency and energy.

So here you are, no guilt involved, relax your muscles, fingers and toes included, deep breathe with your belly, let your thoughts coming through you and let them leave you. Visualize your favorite peaceful image and use your five senses to be in that image and re-evaluate, re-center. It is not about escaping but rather making choices among your priorities. When you’re ready, give yourself few minutes before jumping back into action, contract your muscles, open your eyes and re-visit the tasks that you have planned to accomplish for the day.

Remember the teachings of Socrates;” know yourself”. He was a Greek philosopher but overall he deeply understood human nature! Enjoy your daily introspective adventures…

It is great to know that so many of you read the posts titled “Letting go”. Thank you!

For the following two weeks, I would like to engage you in a discussion about your interpretation of the following sentence “Live in the moment” otherwise known as “Carpe Diem” the Latin aphorism attributed to the poet Horace in 23 BC.

What does it mean for you? How do you apply it, if you do? How does it change your life, short term and long term? Do you find that living the moment may have some prerequisite? Can you apply this life principle to every aspect of your daily life?

And then, you may have more questions or a larger scope of reflection. Please share with us and remember that this open forum is focused on psychological issues. Please use your better judgment when entering the discussion.

Tag Archive for: stress