Motivational / Focus / Performance Training

It is a directive, individual-centered approach to counseling that focuses on improving a persons motivation to change. Today, motivation is one of the most overlooked creativity keys, more than ever before. It is important in unlocking high-level creative thinking and performance.

So if you are engaged in creative tasks, you need to be careful to concentrate on the right type of motivation, and this often proves to be very challenging when one is under pressure to succeed. That’s where a sport psychology consultant comes in to help in your quest to focus better and improve performance.

Vous n’avez pas besoin d’etre tres bon pour commencer, mais vous devez commencer a etre tres bon.- Zig Zigglar

(“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”)

Counseling Made Easy…

I am highly-trained in sport psychology. I have worked and helped Olympic athletes, elite athletes, and many people who needed to re-organize and improve their focus and performance for better results. Through my e-counselling service, I am able to provide guidance and proper assistance to motivate people to achieve great milestones in life.

Motivational counseling techniques and strategies are at times described as simple but not easy. That is because many counselors do not have the essential background of sport psychology training. So, you do not need to go any further for assistance. I will help you become more motivated and improve your focus and your performance. Furthermore, with Telehealth, wherever you are, you will be able to contact me and positively transform your life.

The primary goal of motivational training is to help people overcome their resistance or ambivalence to behavior change. The training focuses on increasing “mastery” performance, that is the execution of a behavior for its intrinsic purpose rather than for its competitive value. The goal is to improve the confidence in a person’s ability to change and that is done by adjusting self-defeating thoughts.

You should also know…

Rather than just identifying an issue and telling clients what to do about it like any other therapy, I encourage my clients to make statements that are self-motivating, to display a vivid understanding of the issue and to make a decision to change and perform.

As one of the most qualified therapists you will find, I create a supportive environment to help unmotivated persons feel respected and accepted, while engaging them in reflective listening instead of direct confrontation.

An individuals motivation to change basically depends on the belief that he/she is able to perform the tasks needed for change. One aspect of the role of a professional therapist, like myself, is to help people develop the focus and the motivation they need to push on with their lives, and become aware of their abilities to successfully undertake the actions required for change.

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 I know it is often difficult for people to reach out and ask for help. The one thing that helps most people through any difficult situation is to be able to talk to someone about it in a confidential and non judgmental way.

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