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Many often find it difficult to control the situations that provoke their anger, but knowing how to be in control of our anger issues is what can enable us to enjoy emotional stability. I deal with many anger/stress management issues from mild irritations, violent rage, to explosive emotional disturbances. The behavioral techniques we apply are scientifically proven, and their main advantage is that they give realistic and reasonable results. I always assess my clients’ needs, help them manage their anger and stress issues and open up the path which can lead to a rewarding and enjoyable life. Anger issues often require timely management. That is an objective I have fulfilled since we have a strong e-counseling presence that enables me to connect to people with needs even at times when physical distance may be seen as a barrier.

Faites face a votre colere: arretez-vous et cherchez de l’aide!

(Deal with your anger: stop and seek help!)

Counseling Made Easy…

At my office, I explore the various triggers that lead to angry feelings and provide solutions that our clients can use to manage their emotions effectively. I am a professional who truly understand how negative emotions entangled in embarrassment, fear, and shame can best be dealt with. Patients are taught how to be less aggressive regardless of the magnitude of the emotional challenge they may have to come to terms with. Consequently, the destructive behaviors can be eliminated and replaced with constructive behaviors adapted to the situation.

Friendly therapy environment that guarantees faster stress-relief 

My counseling clinic welcomes people from all walks of life, and that exposure has enabled me to be better prepared when it comes to dealing with stress and anger management issues that people often experience throughout life. During the first therapy sessions, I gather information in order to understand the cause of your anger or irritability issues. I focus on your thought process and any other relevant information we can lay our hands on. I then prepare a treatment plan to start a therapy specially adapted to your needs. I also accommodate your lifestyle by offering offline and online counseling sessions. During this process, I always try to ensure that my patients improve their self-expression skills, feelings management, as well as teach them important tools and strategies which they can use to keep unnecessary conflicts at bay.

You should also know…

Anger and stress issues can be damaging even physically if little regard is given on how they can be brought to manageable levels. Any person who wants to have a balanced emotional and spiritual life must find ways of dealing with anger/stress issues, and that is why it is important to subscribe to therapy sessions. I have helped many people redefine their lives for the better through our anger/stress therapy sessions, and that is an opportunity available to you as well.

My objective is always to ensure that the patients can access a counseling session anytime they wish to, and that is possible since I do have an active Telehealth network. Besides, my online counseling sessions are interactive, and that aspect ensures that people in need of anger management help always get the assistance at any time they wish. You can contact us at any time via our phone line, Skype, FaceBook Chat video or a variety of other sources and be assured that our professional therapists will make suitable arrangement and help you to get out of the difficult situation.

Get in touch now

 I know it is often difficult for people to reach out and ask for help. The one thing that helps most people through any difficult situation is to be able to talk to someone about it in a confidential and non judgmental way.

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