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I have recently been asked to reflect upon the impact of social media on the young adults’ generation.

I therefore looked into current research and found very scientific and reliable documents all discussing similar topics related to the impact of social media:  disturbances in attention span, superficiality of knowledge and impoverishment of language, impaired social skills, long term effect of specific site visits on job searching, isolation and tendency to depression, cyber bullying and depression, improper use of information and confidentiality issues, sexual abuse and advertising issues, narcissism and addictive behaviors.

Research also abounds in topics such as the correlation between the overuse of technology and social media and the destruction of family structures, couple’s relationship impairment and job issues. Some research, few of them, focus on the advantages of social media: social communication, brainstorming possibilities, cultural information, business promotion and world awareness.

I then looked at social media quotes. Interestingly enough, I figured that an overwhelming number of these “inspirational” quotes were negative about social media or their users. It also struck me that quotes that were long, complicated, disparaging and offering advice got the lower amount of “like”. In contrast, quotes that were short, simple, offering facts rather than advices were in higher favor.

When reflecting upon these considerations, a couple of questions emerged. Since users seem to be aware of the impact of their intense practice as well as their rationale for usage:

  1. Why complaining?
  2. Why staying involved?
  3. Why not be more selective?
  4. If social media/screen technology is a 21st century addiction, what about medical claim to genetic roots of addiction?
  5. Is the widespread use of screen technology the unavoidable way to the future along with radical changes to traditional communication, relationship, family structure and professional life?