Heart Decisions


“Only our heart can guide our vision,
The essential is invisible to our eyes”
Antoine de St Exupery

I have always tried to live by this extremely simple truth…yet so difficult to achieve. Recently, my dear friend Martha Boston, in her wonderful workshop “Navigation by heart”, reminded me of my heart and its importance in my life.

She also brought me this very effective method to live by my heart, to check upon my self-honesty: when making a decision, always ponder whether my intention is congruent with my decision. The only way for my intention to be honest is if it is guided by my heart. Making a decision truly congruent with my heart desire is often the way to make that decision successful.

A successful decision will always be self-validating. It will enhance our self-respect and self-worth.

A decision lead by our heart is not easy but it is very rewarding!

Please join in this conversation..with your heart!